Junkie XL’s Justice League Score Gets a Massive Vinyl Box Set

An epic film like Zack Snyder’s Justice League deserves an epic soundtrack to match. Fortunately, composer Tom Holkenborg (a.k.a. Junkie XL) was able to deliver on that promise with nearly four hours of sweeping orchestration. Now, Mondo is collecting all 54 tracks of his score in a new vinyl box set. For the not-so-meager price of $200, die-hard fans can listen to Holkenborg’s musical contributions on 180-gram wax.

After working with Hans Zimmer on Man of Steel in 2013, Holkenborg remained in the DCEU to help Zimmer score Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. He was also Snyder’s first choice to provide the music for the theatrical cut of Justice League. But once Snyder left the film and Joss Whedon took over, Holkenborg was replaced by Danny Elfman. However, when Warner Bros. gave Snyder the greenlight to finish the movie as he originally envisioned it, he invited Holkenborg back into the fold.

Mondo’s box set collects Holkenborg’s music on seven 180-gram LPs. Unlike other high-profile releases, the discs don’t appear to be colored. Instead, each LP fits inside a sleeve featuring a different Justice League character, including the six main heroes as well as the film’s ultimate bad guy, Darkseid. All seven discs are also housed inside a slipcase that features each hero’s emblem, with Darkseid standing ominously in the center. Additionally, the final disc has a laser-etched B-side emblazoned with the Lord of Apokolips’ omega symbol.



The box set will be available for pre-order on Mondo’s website starting this Wednesday, April 14, at noon CT.

Will you be adding Holkenborg’s Justice League score to your vinyl collection? Let us know in the comments down below!

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