James Gunn Explains King Shark’s Physical Appearance in Suicide Squad

Just a day ago, Warner Bros. Pictures dropped the first trailer for James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad. Many fans noticed that the upcoming soft reboot of 2016’s movie would feature a slightly different King Shark than expected. In the New 52 Suicide Squad comics, the anthropomorphic villain has the form of a hammerhead shark, while in the film the character voiced by Sylvester Stallone resembles more of a great white shark. Director Gunn took to his socials to talk about the change, explaining that it was practical.

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Before revealing that convincing Stallone to dub King Shark was pretty easy, Gunn added that he came up with the dad-bod idea at the expense of a more bulked body structure. He also said that the character created by writer Karl Kesel and artist Tom Grummett would be wearing golf shorts in the movie.

He also didn’t know that the Harley Quinn cartoon, in development at the same time, would go for a similar look.

The Suicide Squad will debut in theaters and HBO Max on August 6.

What do you think about the shape of King Shark? Would you have preferred to see the hammerhead one? Let us know in the comments down below!

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