Robert Kirkman Offers An Update For the Invincible Live-Action Movie

Four years ago, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg signed on to direct an Invincible live-action movie. However, there hasn’t been much traction on that progress. But with the Invincible animated series just two months away, co-creator Robert Kirkman has confirmed that the film is still happening.

While speaking with EW, Kirkman said the Invincible movie was still in the “very early going” stages. He also reiterated that two projects are not related to each other.

“That [film] is still very much in development,” said Kirkman. “That hasn’t changed. We’re just taking a long time. But we’ve been fortunate enough to have a two-track plan with Invincible. Right now we’ve got the animated series at Amazon, which is now on the cusp of launching, and then we’re also still developing it as a film series with Universal, with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg attached. So, those two things are still very much happening concurrently, which is somewhat weird, I guess. But there’ve been Spider-Man animated series and Spider-Man movies at the same time. So, I think we’re in good company.”

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Additionally, Kirkman shared his belief that the animated series will deliver a closer adaptation of the comic.

“It’s a great way for us to stand apart in a crowded landscape,” noted Kirkman. “But more than that, I think that it allows us to more properly adapt the Invincible comic. The Invincible comic will have one battle on earth, and then the next scene will be a battle in space, and then there’ll be an alien invasion, and then there’ll be another guy that attacks after the alien invasion. There’s no way that we could keep this level of insanity up in live-action. We would have to do a tremendous amount of bottle episodes to level it all out.”

The Invincible animated series will premiere on Amazon Prime on Friday, March 26.

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