Noah Hawley Discusses the Inspirations for His Star Trek Pitch

One of the upcoming projects in the Star Trek-verse is a feature film by Fargo and Legion showrunner Noah Hawley. Even though the movie has been put on hold, the author is still revealing some of the ideas he pitched. While talking with Observer, Hawley shared that he took inspiration from his favorite moment in a Star Trek movie.

“What I love about Star Trek is that it’s not a war story. It’s not a story in which might makes right,” he said. “It’s a story about exploration, it’s a story about creative problem solving. My favorite moment in all of Star Trek is in Wrath of Khan when Kirk puts on his reading glasses to lower Khan’s shields. It’s a brief moment that is so exhilarating because he’s using the best tool he has, which is his mind.”

Recently, Hawley shared that his movie would continue the Kelvin timeline that began with J.J. Abrams’ 2009 Star Trek reboot, but will feature a new crew.

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The author went on to add that his movie will take a different direction from the one with actor Chris Pine, almost suggesting a new beginning.

“As much as I like the Chris Pine movies they were mostly about running from one end of the ship to the other to put out a fire, to stop a thing, and then before he could catch his breath he had to do something else,” he added. “They’re much more action movies and what I wanted to get back to was this idea of humanity justifying existence in the universe by showing its best qualities.”

Do you think that the Noah Hawley Star Trek movie will be greenlighted again? Let us know in the comments section below.

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