Ryan Reynolds Adds Tom Cruise to ‘Reynolds Cut’ of Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds has done it again. In another attempt to break the Internet, the versatile actor assumed the role of director/screenwriter for a day and dropped a 27-second cut of 2011’s Green Lantern on Twitter. The Reynolds Cut features none other than Tom Cruise himself as the green interstellar law enforcement officer (since the first part of the film is…vaguely reminiscent of Top Gun). It’s also a reference to fan rumors that Cruise has been approached to reboot the character.

“Here’s the secret Reynolds Cut of GL you all haven’t been waiting for,” the actor wrote. “In order to make it as great as possible we made some judicious cuts.”

You can watch the full Reynolds Cut of Green Lantern below.

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Once again, Reynolds is having fun with superhero movie fans, especially those who fought for a Snyder Cut of Justice League to be released. Of course, he may also have some pebbles in his shoe about the adverse reaction Green Lantern had at the time when it debuted in theaters. The majority of critics and fans didn’t appreciate that movie due to the inconsistency of the story.

And yet, Green Lantern may return in the upcoming Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Probably not Reynolds’ one, but the director has teased a Green Lantern joining the rest of the team to face Darkseid.

The video also adds in the Green Lantern joke from Deadpool 2. Reynolds’ more popular superhero portrayal should make his official debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe sooner or later.

What do you think about the Reynolds Cut of Green Lantern? Let us know in the comment section below!

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