Ava DuVernay Offers an Update on the New Gods Script

It’s been a while since there was news about the upcoming adaptation of Jack Kirby’s New Gods. But with a director like Ava DuVernay at the helm, the project is an intriguing entry in the DC movie pantheon. Now, DuVernay has given an update on the script she is co-writing with comic scribe Tom King.

Responding to a fan on Twitter, DuVernay revealed that she and King aren’t letting COVID-19 slow down their writing process. In fact, they are collaborating on their latest draft of the script, which includes a character that might only sound familiar to die hard New Gods readers. You can read what she had to say below.

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New Gods is a largely unknown property outside of the comic industry, but All-Widow (pictured above) is a particularly obscure character. In Kirby’s comics, All-Widow leads the insectoid race known as the Bugs on New Genesis, a lush planet known for its verdant landscapes. New Genesis is always at war with Apokalips, home of Darkseid and the evil New Gods. Since Darkseid is already confirmed to be the main villain in DuVernay’s movie, it’s possible that the conflict between the two planets will be what drives the plot forward.

Warner Bros. still hasn’t given New Gods an official release date.

Are you excited to see All-Widow make an appearance in New Gods? Let us know in the comment section below!

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