Kickstarter Launched for In Search of Tomorrow Sci-Fi Documentary

Last year, journalist and filmmaker David Weiner examined the ‘80s horror movie boom with his documentary, In Search of Darkness. Now, he’s hoping to repeat that film’s success by taking a closer look at the decade’s sci-fi offerings. The Hollywood Reporter brings word that Weiner is launching a crowdfunding campaign for his next project, In Search of Tomorrow.

Touting itself as “the definitive ‘80s sci-fi documentary,” In Search of Tomorrow promises to tell new stories behind the decade’s most beloved sci-fi staples, including The Empire Strikes Back, Blade Runner, The Terminator, Flash Gordon, Tron, Aliens, and even Weird Science. If his last film serves as any indication, Weiner’s new movie will feature sit-downs with the genre’s biggest names. For In Search of Darkness, Weiner arranged interviews with horror icons like John Carpenter, Joe Dante, and Greg Nicotero.

In Search of Tomorrow will be a celebration of the imagination, exploring the most creative and eclectic sci-fi movies of the ‘80s, year by year, with the creative icons who helped to capture our collective imaginations,” Weiner said in a statement.

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The film is also unique in that it invites fans to become part of the production process. However, these privileges will only be available to those who contribute to the Kickstarter. As the documentary is made, backers can join online viewings and offer their own commentary in real time. They might even get to interact with a celebrity or two.

“Now, more than ever, genre movie fans and sci-fi thinkers are looking to connect with like-minded people in a positive and supportive environment,” Weiner continued. “Through Discord, Watch Parties, Q&As and more, our goal is to expand the production process into a community-driven experience allowing exclusive access to the making of In Search of Tomorrowa welcome diversion that can thrive and even live beyond the film itself.”

You can watch a trailer for In Search of Tomorrow below and donate to the Kickstarter here. Will you be supporting Weiner’s new film? Let us know in the comments below!

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