The Suicide Squad Remains Unaffected by the Coronavirus

COVID-19 has prompted several films originally scheduled to come out this summer to push back their release dates. However, the fate of the summer 2021 release calendar remains a bit of a mystery. One of the biggest tentpoles slated for next year is Warner Bros.’ The Suicide Squad. But according to writer and director James Gunn, fans needn’t worry about it getting delayed just yet.

Gunn was recently asked on Twitter whether the ongoing health crisis was affecting the timetable for his upcoming DC movie. He assured fans that he and his crew haven’t hit any bumps in the road so far. Regardless, he conceded that the film could be delayed if the pandemic impedes his visual effects team’s ability to work. You can read what Gunn had to say below.

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The Suicide Squad wrapped filming in late February, a few weeks before the threat of the coronavirus became impossible to ignore and gave way to nationwide self-quarantining. The film has presumably been in post-production ever since, but it’s not clear if this has been happening remotely or otherwise. Other major 2021 releases haven’t been as lucky. For instance, The Batman was forced to halt production in the U.K. last month after completing only 25% of filming. As a result, it might have to vacate its June 2021 premiere date.

The Suicide Squad will (hopefully) still hit theaters on August 6, 2021.

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