Birds of Prey Screenwriter Shares Her Favorite DC Comics

Christina Hodson is set to make a huge impact in the DC Extended Universe. In addition to her work on Birds of Prey, she’s set to write The Flash as well. During a new interview with Comic Book Resources, Hodson shared a few of the DC comics that informed her superhero screenplays.

“There’s a bunch I fell in love with,” said Hodson. “One of my favorite [stories], I don’t know if everyone should read yet because it might ruin too much, is [Harley Quinn: Vengeance Unlimited]. I just love it, they did such a good job, a lot of good character stuff that I liked.” 

“I love all the Harley stuff, I love all the Birds of Prey stuff, like Chuck Dixon early Birds of Prey stuff is close to my heart,” continued Hodson. “Hopefully fans will find little bits from all the different iterations and get excited about the mishmash we did.”

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Hodson also pointed out how this relates to what she writes for these characters on the big-screen.

“The thing I love about working in this space generally is that any of these characters, you can do such a cool deep-dive on.” said Hodson. “The comics have such a cool, varied history and you can really learn about these characters, get to know them, get to love them. I’ve happened to fall in love with [the Birds of Prey], and I know there will be others that I will too. I’m working on some others right now that I’m very much enjoying.”

Hodson also hinted that she may be writing more DC projects beyond The Flash

“You know I’m very deep in the DC family by now, so you know I can’t answer that,” said Hodson. “They will have me in trouble.”

Birds of Prey will hit theaters on February 7. 

What do you think about what Hodson’s favorite DC comics? Let us know in the comments below!

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