Early Birds of Prey Reactions Suggest the DCEU is On the Mend

It’s official: the future of the superhero genre is female, both behind the camera and in front. Birds of Prey just had its world premiere in London, and critics have begun sharing their first impressions on social media. Thankfully, it sounds like DC’s hot streak is far from over. You can check out a few highlights below.

io9’s Jill Pantozzi lamented the fact that it took this long to bring the Birds of Prey to the silver screen. Regardless, she loved the film and its impressive fight choreography. However, we have to wonder what she means when she says the villains (*plural*) are “delicious.” We already know that Roman Sionis and Victor Zsasz are in the film. But could there be other bad guys waiting in the wings for moviegoers?

GameSpot’s Mike Rougeau called the film his “favorite modern DC movie yet.” He also likened director Cathy Yan’s stylistic choices to the ones David F. Sandberg made with Shazam! In other words, he praised Yan for truly making the film her own.

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Terri Schwartz of IGN was similarly impressed by Birds of Prey’s fight scenes, and even included a GIF of one particularly thrilling moment. Apparently, the level of brutality (no doubt aided by the film’s R-rating) definitely works to the movie’s advantage, and Yan’s “creative” direction is the glue that ties everything together.

Fandango’s Erik Davis went even further with this initial thoughts. According to him, the ladies of Birds of Prey are the among most memorable characters to show up in a DC film. However, Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn definitely made the biggest impact. He likewise singled out the balance between action and humor, and also hinted that food somehow plays a big role in the story.

Forbes’ Scott Mendelson called the movie “delightfully unassuming and unconcerned with its place in a larger context.” Translation: it isn’t burdened by the constraints of fitting into a shared universe, à la Marvel. Additionally, Mendelson noted that everyone looked like they were genuinely having a ball, especially Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s Huntress.

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Angie J. Han of Mashable was a bit more critical in her hot take. She thought Birds of Prey was “hampered by uneven tone and pacing.” However, the film more than made up for this with high-octane action, standout characters, and great music. She also agreed that Huntress was the movie’s MVP.

Finally, Atom Tickets’ Alisha Garuso compared the newest DCEU entry to the John Wick franchise. But more importantly, she said it was “everything you could ever want from Harley Quinn and her badass girl gang,” which should make longtime fans of the characters very happy.

Are you more excited to see Birds of Prey now that the film is generating positive early buzz? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!

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