Sony’s Masters of the Universe Film Delayed Again

Fans anticipating the big screen return of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe will have to wait again. Over the weekend, Sony confirmed that it has pushed back its Uncharted adaptation from Christmas 2020 to March 5, 2021. As a result, the He-Man film originally scheduled for that date is now off of the schedule.

Masters of the Universe has gone through several delays, and various directors have circled the film since 2014, including McG and David Goyer. Things finally began to take shape when Matt Holloway and Art Marcum completed a new script. Aaron and Adam Nee signed on to direct. Sony even went as far as to bring in Noah Centineo to portray He-Man.

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At this point, however, the production appears to be back in limbo. There have been rumors about Sony possibly selling the film to Netflix, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Netflix already has big plans for Masters of the Universe. This includes a sequel to the original animated series from producer Kevin Smith, as well as a second He-Man CG-animated show.

Sony is also trying to get Uncharted back on track, especially since it lost its sixth and most recent director, Travis Knight, due to scheduling issues.

Do you think Sony’s Masters of the Universe film will see the light of day? Let us know in the comments below!

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