Mondo Mechas Robot Toy Line Kicks off With the Iron Giant

Mondo originally kicked off their toy division with an Iron Giant action figure. Now they’re starting a new sub-line of Mondo Mechas, featuring robot versions of popular characters. And while it will get fanciful later, with giant robot versions of superheroes, it starts with the company’s O.G. robot. Or I.G., rather. The Iron Giant is back, now in a 12-inch form with multiple heads and accessories.

This Iron Giant includes a magnetic “S”-shield to imitate a certain superhero. For snacking needs, a girder is provided. And although he says he’s not a gun, a gun arm can be attached for perilous situations. Multiple hands allow for gripping and posing, as alternate heads sport varying expressions. (Regular, angry, squinting, and battle mode.) Plus they come with removable teeth.

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Order the Mondo exclusive version, and for $5 extra, get a junked car with Hogarth, and a bonus sad head for the big guy. With 35+ moving parts, this is the most articulated Iron Giant figure ever. Just don’t call him a poser, as this metal man is one committed pacifist.

The $200 Iron Giant should arrive by September for all current preorders. For anyone still on the fence, we’ve collected a few more images from Mondo. They show off the Giant, and his bonus bits.

Will this Iron alien with the Diesel-powered voice work his way into your collection…and your heart? Let us know in comments below.