Deluxe Black Widow Movie Figure Includes Dynamic Stand and Explosions

Back in the heyday of Spawn action figures, Todd McFarlane used to say that the “action” in action figure came from the pose. His figures didn’t need a lot of articulation, under this logic, because the toy was dynamic and exciting in a stance conventional joints wouldn’t take it. In the year 2020, Hasbro‘s deluxe Black Widow Marvel Legends figure says, “Why can’t we have both?”

This new Natasha sports the white outfit seen in the recent movie trailer. But more than that, she comes with a dynamic flight stand that doesn’t just allow for mid-air poses. It also features holes to plug in explosion pieces. So you can display her leaping away from, or even into, fiery danger. She also comes packed with interchangeable hands, hook weapons, muzzle flashes and holsters for her removable pistols, and more. And while we initially worried about the likenesses when the first wave of Black Widow figures got revealed, the Scarlett Johansson sculpting appears thoroughly on-point.

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Preorders are up now, from specialty retailers and even Walmart, for a March 30th delivery. The price tag for a Marvel Legends figure lus all the extras will be $29.99. This feels like it may be a way to start adding value to figures in the face of a necessary price raise. But if they all look this good, we might not complain.

Check out a few more images of the “White Widow” in our gallery below. Are you satisfied with all the extra enhancements? Let us know in comments.