John Boyega Explains How He Deals With Toxic Star Wars Fans

Star Wars fandom has taken a dark turn over the past few years, especially after the mixed reaction to The Last Jedi. That sequel left many fans divided, including those who have turned downright toxic. But current trilogy star John Boyega has his own way of dealing with it. While speaking with Hypebeast, Boyega spoke about his experience with fans online.

“On Twitter for example, I have a fan who hates the films, right?” said Boyega. “And he’ll be rude directly to me and I’ll be rude back and then they start crying like babies. Then they’re like, ‘Why are you attacking me?’ And it’s like, I thought we was on the same page…we’re Star Wars fans, we’re supposed to be heated about this.”

Boyega added that he doesn’t really have a problem with criticism of the newest movies in the series.

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“The rest of the fandom, even when they have problems with it, it gets discussed in a very cordial way, in a fun way,” continued Boyega. “But when it gets toxic, when no one’s listening and then I say one thing and then it becomes an attack, come on man, I can tell you lot ain’t never had no real fight before. You call that an attack?”

As far as the response that will come with The Rise of Skywalker, it’s too soon to tell.

Do you believe that Star Wars‘ toxic fandom has gone too far? Let us know in the comments below!

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