Deadpool Star Ryan Reynolds Congratulates Joker Team

Thanks to its strong box office performance, Joker is well on its way to becoming the highest grosing  R-rated film. Ryan Reynolds recently gave Todd Phillips’ film props for that achievement in a very Deadpool way. On his Instagram page, Reynolds shared a post of Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker dancing on the steps with some Deadpool style commentary. 

“You mother f***er,” the poster reads up top. Reynolds then goes on to name several popular R-rated characters in movies, starting with, obviously, Deadpool. The list also includes Neo (from The Matrix), Pennywise (from Stephen King’s It), and Hugh Jackman (Logan). And there’s also a shout-out to Jesus from The Passion of the Christ, a joke Reynolds made in Deadpool 2


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R-Rated box office congratulatory posts aren’t like the ones you’re used to…

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Both of Reynolds’ Deadpool movies were massive successes despite their R rating. The first film made $782 million worldwide back in 2016; while Deadpool 2 made $785 million in 2018. However, Joker is closing in on both those figures, with $747 million worldwide before this weekend. It’s likely to beat both Deadpool movies by Sunday.

At the moment, Deadpool’s fate in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is unknown. But Disney’s Bob Iger has said there is interest in making a third movie with an R-rating. Reynolds added fuel to the fire with a visit to Marvel Studios earlier this month. He simply noted he was there to audition for Tony Stark. “Didn’t come even remotely close, but the nice man with the taser escorted me to the ground,” joked Reynolds.

Where Joker’s box office will end up is unknown. But it could clear $1 billion worldwide once its run is complete.

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