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Weekend Watch – Tracking Kevin Feige’s Marvel Ascension

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In this edition of Weekend Watch, we’re tracking Kevin Feige’s Marvel ascension. Just this week, Kevin Feige reached the summit of his creative potential at Marvel Entertainment. The prolific producer was just named Chief Creative Officer (CCO) of the entire company. Naturally, this news leads to a variety of implications for Marvel Entertainment, which we hope to explore here.

We’ll start things off with a duo of videos that chart the producer’s meteoric rise in Hollywood. In addition, we have a video that explores the time that Feige almost quit Marvel altogether. Afterward, we have a video that lays out what Feige’s new role means for the future of Marvel. Following this, there’s a great video that explores the complexities of Feige’s promotion to CCO. Finally, we have another video that dives further into his new role, including what it means for his Star Wars movie.

Kevin Feige On How He Got His Start In The Movie Business

Up first, we have a great video from the Producer’s Guild of America that features Feige discussing how he got his start in Hollywood. While Feige’s influence on the movie business is undeniable, everyone has to start somewhere. He explains his burgeoning love of genre storytelling, including his self-professed Star Wars fandom. Although Feige was rejected from film school five times, his rise throughout the ranks of Hollywood is proof to never give up on dreams and aspirations.

Kevin Feige and The Rise of Marvel Studios

With that in mind, this video from TV Junkie takes a look at Feige’s rise up the corporate ladder throughout the past two decades. Starting as an assistant for Lauren Shuler Donner, Feige eventually received his first associate producing credit on X-Men. He caught the eye of Avi Arad, who then courted Fiege to Marvel Studios as an Executive. Feige worked on many of the early Marvel film adaptations, such as Hulk and Daredevil, as a creative consultant. But when David Maisel joined the company, he and Feige hatched a plan to create an interconnected cinematic universe. And the rest is history.

Why Kevin Feige Almost Left Marvel

However, Feige’s journey wasn’t without a few bumps in the road. Our next video, which comes from John Campea, explores the time Feige almost quit Marvel Studios. Stemming from the aforementioned creative differences with Marvel’s infamous Chairman and former CEO, Ike Perlmutter, the video digs deeper into the dispute from Disney CEO Bob Iger’s perspective. Additionally, the panelists also discuss the prospect of how different Marvel would be if Feige had quit. It’s moments like these that ended up defining Feige’s artistic legacy.

What Kevin Feige’s Takeover Of Marvel Really Means

Transitioning into the latest news of Feige’s promotion to Marvel CCO, this video from Nerdist quickly breaks down what his creative takeover of Marvel really means. While Feige has always been the creative head of Marvel Studios, his new position will have him overseeing all aspects of Marvel Entertainment’s creative direction. This includes all of their television and animation projects, along with any other future Marvel endeavors. Although the video quickly runs through all of the potential changes moving forward in the television and comics divisions, Marvel Games will remain under the stewardship of Perlmutter.

The Impact Of Kevin Feige Promotion On MCU, TV & Comics

Next, we have a video from The Den of Nerds that further examines Feige’s impact as the new CCO for the entirety of Marvel. As the video points out, not much will change in terms of how Feige runs Marvel Studios. However, it’s pretty apparent that Marvel entertainment is looking to adapt Feige’s MCU philosophy to different mediums. The video also covers the possible changes to non-MCU Marvel television properties, in addition to Feige’s upcoming Star Wars movie.

Will Kevin Feige’s Promotion Impact Star Wars?

Finally, this video from Collider’s Movie Talk features a further exploration of how Feige’s new promotion might affect Star Wars. It’s an interesting discussion that weighs both the benefits and potential drawbacks of his new position. Either way, the future for Marvel is certainly bright under Feige’s stewardship as the creative overlord at Marvel.

What are your thoughts on Kevin Feige’s new promotion, and what do you think this means for the future of Marvel? Make sure to let us know in the comment section below!