Joaquin Phoenix Suggested a Post Credits Scene For Joker

Todd Phillips’ dark adaptation of Joker had no trouble dominating the box office this weekend. But it doesn’t have the traditional post credits “stinger” to indicate what’s coming next. Phillips didn’t really have one planned for the film. However, during a recent interview with GamesRadar, Phillips noted that star Joaquin Phoenix had an interesting suggestion. Instead of a traditional post credits scene, Phoenix wanted to run a blooper reel.

“The idea of a post-credits scene in this movie would seem wrong, and a little too light for me,” explained Phillips. “That wouldn’t have been something we did. But Joaquin [Phoenix] said it would be funny to put bloopers alongside the names like they did in the old days.”

Ultimately, Phillips decided that bloopers wouldn’t fit with the film’s dark tone and bleak ending.

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While speaking with Vanity Fair earlier this month, Phillips stirred up some controversy about trying to be funny in the age of “woke culture.”

“With all my comedies – I think that what comedies in general all have in common – is they’re irreverent,” said Phillips. “So I go, ‘How do I do something irreverent, but f*ck comedy? Oh I know, let’s take the comic book movie universe and turn it on its head with this.’ And so that’s really where that came from.”

What do you think about the film’s lack of a blooper reel? Let us know in the comments below!

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