Will Jonah Hill Play The Riddler In The Batman?

Shortly after word broke that Jeffrey Wright may play Commissioner Gordon in The Batman, two new reports suggest that the Dark Knight has his latest villain. Variety broke the story about Jonah Hill’s negotiations to play a bad guy in The Batman. However, a subsequent report from Collider indicates that Hill may step into the role of Edward Nygma, a.k.a. the Riddler.

According to Variety, Warner Bros. and director Matt Reeves wanted to get Hill a leading role in the film even before Robert Pattinson was cast as Bruce Wayne/Batman. It also notes that Hill has not closed his deal, but there’s a willingness on both sides to get it done.

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If the casting is confirmed, Hill would be the first actor to portray the Riddler on the big screen since Jim Carrey in Batman Forever. Cory Michael Smith recently wrapped up a five season run as Nygma/Riddler on Gotham. Within DC’s comic book universe, Riddler is one of Batman’s most formidable foes. Riddler is also notable for his compulsion to leave complex riddles behind for Batman to solve.

UPDATE: The Hollywood Reporter is claiming that the impasse between Hill and Warner Bros. is because they can’t settle on who he will play. But the two possibilities listed were Riddler and the Penguin. Danny DeVito was the last actor to portray Penguin on the big screen in Batman Returns.

The Batman is scheduled to begin filming either later this year or in early 2020. It will hit theaters on June 25, 2021

What do you think about Jonah Hill potentially playing the Riddler or the Penguin? Should other Batman villains get the spotlight as well? Let us know in the comment section below!

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