Jon Watts Still Hasn’t Signed On to Direct Additional Spider-Man Films

Yesterday, word broke that Sony would no longer share Spider-Man’s film rights with Marvel. Some outlets have reported that the studios are still negotiating. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the issue is getting resolved anytime soon. A few fans managed to take comfort in the news that star Tom Holland and director Jon Watts were still contracted for two more Spidey films. However, it turns out that this might only be half true.

According to Deadline it’s an “open question” whether Watts will return to the director’s chair for the two films Sony is planning. Deadline also notes that he’s currently “being heavily courted” for other directing gigs, so this might affect his choice to helm a third installment, even after Spider-Man: Far From Home just became the biggest earner in the studio’s history. Although Deadline doesn’t mention this, the standoff between Disney and Sony could potentially factor for Watts as well.

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After social media users spent hours lamenting the news, Sony finally posted an official statement to its official Twitter account. The studio implied that Kevin Feige’s workload with other MCU projects is keeping him from overseeing any new films featuring the webslinger. Not surprisingly, this only seemed to infuriate fans even more.

If Watts doesn’t return, that will probably increase the backlash against Sony. After all, Watts’ touch of John Hughes-inspired high school melodrama helped make the Spider-Man series feel fresh again. This obviously wasn’t an easy feat, since Spider-Man: Homecoming marked the character’s third cinematic iteration in 15 years.

Should Jon Watts return to direct another Spider-Man movie even if it’s not set in the MCU? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!

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