Michelle Williams Confirms Her Return For Venom 2

Earlier this week, Sony’s plans for a Venom follow up took a major step forward when Andy Serkis was lined up to direct the sequel. Thus far, only Tom Hardy was confirmed to return for Venom 2. However, Michelle Williams has now indicated that she will also be back.

Via Yahoo Movies, Williams acknowledged that she’ll once again be playing Anne Weying, Eddie Brock’s ex-wife. She also expressed her enthusiasm for Serkis as the new director of Venom 2.

“I’m such a fan of Andy’s, and I’m so inspired by what he’s been able to accomplish,” said Williams. “He’s so gifted in such a specific way, and I’m very excited to learn from him and be around him.”

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During the first Venom, Williams’ Anne briefly took on the Symbiote herself and became She-Venom. Unlike Anne’s comic book counterpart, her She-Venom stint was over fairly quickly. But if Williams has her way, she’ll get another chance to bond with the Symbiote.

“I hope I get equal time that way,” exclaimed Williams. “I can say that!”

Woody Harrelson appeared in Venom‘s mid-credits scene as Cletus Kasady; which implied that he will transform into Carnage for the sequel. Beyond that, Sony hasn’t released much info about Venom 2. The film is expected to begin production later this year.

Are you glad to see Michelle Williams returning for Venom 2? Do you want to see her become She-Venom again? Let us know in the comment section below!

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