Kat Dennings Wants to Come Back for Thor: Love and Thunder

In two years, Natalie Portman will rejoin the MCU as Jane Foster in Thor: Love and Thunder. As it turns out, another familiar cast member is itching to come back to the franchise as well. Kat Dennings, who played Darcy Lewis in Thor and Thor: The Dark World, is hoping there’s room for her character in the upcoming sequel.

During an interview with People, Dennings shared her excitement about Portman’s role in the new film, which will take cues from writer Jason Aaron’s Thor comics and turn Jane into the female God of Thunder.

“I love that,” said Dennings. “I think that’s genius. It is so smart, and it’s accurate [from the comics]. I am so excited. As a fan of Marvel projects, I am so excited.”

While Dennings hasn’t been approached to return yet, she didn’t hide her enthusiasm about the prospect of working with writer and director Taika Waititi. When asked about reprising her role as Darcy, Dennings was quick with her response.

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“I hope so!”replied Dennings. “We’d all like to know that answer, I don’t know as of right now. I would like to, I am a huge fan of [Watiti], he’s one of my favorite directors of all time. He’s incredible. So purely from a thing of I love all of those people, I love Marvel and I would love to go back. I also really want to work with him, but I don’t know.”

Darcy was introduced in the original Thor film as Jane’s intern, even though her political science major didn’t match up with Jane’s background in astrophysics. Throughout the first two movies, Darcy served as the primary source of comic relief. Since Waititi brought a lighthearted approach to the series in Thor: Ragnarok, she may fit in with anything he has planned for Love and Thunder.

Jane and Darcy’s return could also open up the possibility for Stellan Skarsgård to come back as Erik Selvig. Skarsgård has previously said that he has one movie left to fulfill on his Marvel contract. Love and Thunder would be an appropriate choice for him as well.

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