Emma Fuhrmann Discusses Cassie Lang’s Possible Future in the MCU

Avengers: Endgame was shrouded in secrecy for a long time. However, fans got their first hint that the film included time travel almost a full year before it came out. It was announced last spring that Emma Fuhrmann had joined the cast as an older Cassie Lang. At that point, viewers could only speculate on the true nature of her appearance. But now that the film has been released, we can safely assume that Fuhrmann will continue playing Cassie in the MCU. While speaking with ComicBook.com, Fuhrman reflected on her experience and shared her hopes for the character’s future.

Surprisingly, Fuhrmann revealed that she didn’t even know what role she was reading for when she auditioned in 2017. It wasn’t until the filmmakers chose her that she was informed she’d be playing a teenage version of Scott Lang’s daughter. After this, she did her homework by watching all of the previous MCU films. And although the Russos didn’t make her read any comics prior to shooting, she wanted to go the extra mile.

“I know that when I was researching Cassie, I found out about her arcs through the comics, about her heart, and how she gets chem particles and all of that,” said Fuhrmann. “Actually last year, I went to a comic book store and bought some comics that Cassie’s in with Ant-Man and Young Avengers, and so I actually do have some comics.”

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In Marvel’s comic book universe, Cassie eventually donned her own costume and became the superheroine known as Stature in 2006. She later adopted the mantle of Stinger in Marvel’s newer Astonishing Ant-Man series in 2016. While Marvel Studios’ plans for Cassie are unknown, Fuhrmann expressed her willingness to embrace that part of her character.

“I can’t say, you know,” Fuhrmann said. “They’re [Marvel] very secretive, but from my research, I know that in the comics Cassie becomes Stature and Stinger in Young Avengers and that would be very cool.”

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