Village Roadshow is Developing a Myst Cinematic Universe

Hollywood is once again attempting to turn Myst into a bankable movie. Only this time, the plans extend far beyond the limits of the big screen. Via The Hollywood Reporter, Village Roadshow Entertainment Group has acquired the film and TV rights to the beloved video game franchise and intend to develop a “multiplatform universe” based on its expansive mythology.

Fans of the series might be happy to learn that creators Rand and Robyn Miller will be directly involved with the new projects. Delve Media’s Isaac Testerman and Yale Rice will also help guide the adaptations to fruition. Village Roadshow wants the franchise to have a presence across the feature film and television markets. Apparently, this will encompass “both scripted and unscripted” content.

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The Miller brothers premiered the original Myst through their Cyan Productions banner in 1993. The game put players in control of as an unnamed protagonist who finds the eponymous book before being whisked away to island world. Once there, they solve puzzles in order to gain access to new areas. The first installment was a massive success and it was the top-selling PC game throughout the remainder of the ’90s. It spawned several sequels and expansions and went on to cross over into print media as well. Hyperion released its own trilogy of novels and Dark Horse Comics published a limited series titled Myst: The Book of Black Ships.

Legendary Entertainment previously tried its hand at making a TV series based on the games in 2014. Before this, SYFY had plans for its own series in 2002. Neither effort actually came to pass.

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