X-Men: First Class Writer Ashley Edward Miller Will Pen the Myst TV Series

Nearly a year ago, Village Roadshow obtained the film and TV rights to the beloved Myst series of video games and announced plans to develop a cinematic universe that would span multiple formats. There hasn’t been a lot of new information on the projects since then. But it looks like the studio has finally found a screenwriter to bring the first offering to life. Deadline is reporting that Ashley Edward Miller is working on a Myst TV series.

Miller is best known for co-writing X-Men: First Class along with Marvel Studios’ original Thor film. On the TV side, Miller has worked on Fringe and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Miller will write Myst’s pilot episode and also serve as the series’ showrunner.

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It’s anyone’s guess as to what Miller’s plans for the Myst TV show entail, since the games are puzzle-based and not story driven. However, there is mythology to draw from, including the story of the main non-player character, Atrus. In the games, Atrus descended from the ancient D’ni civilization. This culture developed a practice known as “the Art” which enabled them to create portals (or “Ages”) to other worlds.

Myst creators Rand Miller and Robyn Miller also remain involved with all upcoming ventures based on their work. Apparently, Village Roadshow still plans to produce films based on the games as well as other content that’s both scripted and unscripted.

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