Warner Bros. Pushes Animated DC Super Pets Movie Back To 2022

Earlier this year, Warner Bros. made the surprise announcement that an animated DC Super Pets movie is heading to the big screen. But while the original plan was to release the kid friendly film in 2021, the studio has decided to push it back.

Via Deadline, DC Super Pets‘ new release date is May 22, 2022; which almost exactly one year after its original date. Jared Stern and Sam Levine are directing the film, while Patty Hicks is producing it.

While many of the Super Pets have actually debuted in DC’s comics, the film will be based upon Capstone Kids’ DC Super-Pets! series. Superman’s beloved canine companion, Krypto, will be joined by Ace the Bat-hound and Streaky the Super Cat. Supergirl’s horse, Comet, is also on the team alongside two super-powered monkeys: Gleek and Beepo.

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A few characters were created directly for DC Super-Pets!, including Wonder Woman’s bizarre companion: a kangaroo named Jumpa. As for the Flash and Aquaman, they have a super-fast turtle named Whatzit! and a sea horse called Storm, respectively. B’dg is the only team member who isn’t anyone’s pet, since he’s a Green Lantern from another world.

Warner Bros. hasn’t released any images or footage from DC Super-Pets!, so it’s unclear how far along the film is. Currently, it’s the only DC animated project slated to hit movie theaters in the near future.

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