Jared Harris Shares What Attracted Him to Morbius the Living Vampire

Next year, Jared Harris will join Sony’s burgeoning universe of Marvel characters in Morbius the Living Vampire. Harris’ role in the film is still a tightly guarded secret. However, while speaking with Collider, Harris revealed what convinced him to sign onto the project in the first place.

“I knew that I would get to work with Matt [Smith] again, so I was excited about that,” said Harris. “We’ve become friends. We became friends on The Crown, and we stayed in touch, so that seemed like it would be fun. And then, I’m a fan of those movies. I grew up reading comic books, so I enjoy watching those films, and it seemed like it would be fun to be a part of it. I can’t say too much about it because, as you know, they are extremely strict about keeping a lid on everything, even naming the characters’ names.”

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Harris also shared his thoughts about director Daniel Espinosa’s approach to the film.

“I haven’t been on it that much so far, but a director’s job is to figure out a way of telling a story to an audience where you can still surprise them and it’s still fresh,” explained Harris. “That seems possible, especially being that they have a fantastic element. You need to be able to, on the one hand, have it be grounded in an emotional reality. And at the same time, you need to be able to have the license to go to extremes of the imagination and fantasy. The director is the person who’s sitting there watching it, and I’m walking that line, if you like. They’re always aware of whether or not it feels real, and whether or not it feels right, for the tone of the story.”

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