Bear McCreary and Serj Tankian Cover “Godzilla” for King of the Monsters Soundtrack

Godzilla: King of the Monsters finds Bear McCreary stepping in for Alexandre Desplat to compose the sequel’s musical score. The film is sure to include sweeping orchestra pieces to elevate Godzilla’s fights against three other kaiju. However, it looks like McCreary is providing an extra contribution to the movie as well. Rolling Stone has premiered McCreary and System of a Down vocalist Serj Tankian’s cover of Blue Öyster Cult’s “Godzilla.”

The song also features the talents of Brendon Small and Gene Hoglan, members of the Metalocalypse band Dethklok. McCreary called the cover “perhaps the most audacious piece of music I have ever produced, jammed to the breaking point with orchestra, choir, taiko chanting, taiko drumming, heavy metal rhythm section, Gene Hoglan’s blistering double-kick drums, and Serj’s distinct vocals. It is complete musical madness.”

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McCreary and Tankian’s “Godzilla” sounds generally faithful to the 1977 original. Unfortunately, it might not sit well with die-hard Blue Öyster Cult fans. Still, it’s leagues better than “Come With Me,” the derided Puff Daddy / Jimmy Page collaboaration from Roland Emmerich’s 1998 Godzilla film.

Additionally, the magazine debuted “Old Rivals” another one of McCreary’s offerings from the King of the Monsters soundtrack. Unlike the Blue Öyster Cult cover, this track pays homage to the classic Godzilla movies of the 1950s.

“For [the character] Godzilla, I chose to incorporate and adapt the legendary Akira Ifukube’s iconic theme, and for Mothra, Yuji Koseki’s immortal ‘Mothra’s Song,’ both being classic themes from the franchise’s origins,” McCreary said. “I hoped to form a connection between Ifukube’s uniquely brilliant style and the aesthetics of modern blockbusters.”

Listen to “Old Rivals” and McCreary and Tankian’s cover of “Godzilla” below. You can share your thoughts on both tracks in the comment section!