Dark Phoenix’s Conclusion Was Downgraded With Reshoots

There’s been a lot of concern about Dark Phoenix, the reportedly final chapter of Fox’s X-Men franchise. While the darker tone has some fans intrigued, others are wondering how it will unfold. Now, some new details about reshoots brings even more questions.

According to Entertainment Weekly, production on the forthcoming sequel actually wrapped back in October 2017. However, the film has since gone through a number of reshoots. During that time frame, the setting for the third act climax has gone through significant changes.

Reporter Tim Stack explains, “the filmmakers decided to revamp the look of Phoenix in post (more ‘cosmic’ and less ‘flamy,’ according to the director) and shoot a new third act (instead of taking place in space, the climax finds all the X-Men kidnapped and on board a military train).”

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This does mark a rather huge change from the comic story, although Kinberg explains this is part of his “ambitious vision” for the film.

“I think the biggest challenge is modulating the film so that we have the big scale and visual-effects action that these movies require, but balancing that in a way that feels calibrated with the drama,” said Kinberg. “You have these big space sequences and trains flying through the air and people firing lightning bolts, but you also have a lot of emotional, four-page dramatic dialogue scenes.”

Some of the train climax has been hinted at in previous trailers, in which Jean Grey attacks the train (with captive X-Men inside). At one point, it also appears to lift off the ground, with Dark Phoenix at full power. 

We’ll see how the final story holds up when Dark Phoenix hits theaters on June 7. Do you think the reshoots will affect the story in a good way? Let us know in the comment section below!