Captain Marvel is Now Getting Review Bombed on IMDB

Captain Marvel Is Getting Review Bombed on IMDB

While Captain Marvel already has her hands full with Skrulls, it looks like another battle with toxic “fanboys” has begun.

A glance over on the official IMDB page for the Marvel Studios film shows a familiar trend. Over 6,000 users on the site have voted on the film. Although a good chunk gave it a perfect rating, others chose to “bomb” it with the lowest rating possible. The comparison between 26.9 percent for 10 ratings and 32.7 percent for 1 ratings is hard to miss. Nearly 2,000 users sounded off on their negativity, most without actually seeing the film.

Several reviews for Captain Marvel on IMDB’s site also added to the negativity. Some have deemed it nothing “to marvel at.” Additionally, most of the reviews come from male viewers. Over 6,000 come from that group, compared to just over 400 from women.

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IMDB hasn’t commented on the situation just yet. But some users may feel it’s not the best place to voice positive takes on Captain Marvel, due to the growing levels of negativity.

Rotten Tomatoes recently had to revamp their site after a similar situation with Captain Marvel. When its audience score became overrun with negative rankings, RT made changes so that users couldn’t simply post negative thoughts. Captain Marvel‘s current ranking sits at 83 percent with over 160 reviews submitted, earning a Certified Fresh rating with ease.

Reviews have also been appearing on social media with mixed results, with some noting that the film doesn’t live up to Marvel Studios standard. However, other reviews have praised the film and Larson’s performance.

Marvel Studios isn’t too concerned over the negative feedback. The film’s projections show it’ll open with well over $100 million this weekend. It’s likely to set the stage for an even bigger opening for Avengers: Endgame, which arrives in under a couple of months on April 26.

Captain Marvel debuts in theaters this Friday, March 8. What do you think about the latest review bombs? Let us know in the comments below!