Captain Marvel

The First Captain Marvel Reviews Have Gone Online

Captain Marvel is ready for her film debut, with Brie Larson stepping into her role as the iconic character. Now, the first reviews of the film have finally arrived. While the majority are positive, there are a few reviews that are mixed at best.

On the negative side, the Hollywood Reporter’s review indicates that Larson can’t exactly save the day when it comes to Captain Marvel’s issues. “Captain Marvel has two distinctions: It is the first Marvel Studios film to be built around a female superhero, and it is the least of the Marvel productions made since Kevin Feige took the reins and launched the brand into the stratosphere.” The review also notes that “the picture is not dull, exactly, just mundane, marked by unimaginative plotting, cut-rate villains, a bland visual style and a lack of elan in every department.”

Indiewire was equally disappointed. The review notes that Larson “has the right stuff” in the role, but ultimately comes up short. “Neither a blast from the past, nor an inspiring glimpse into the future, at the end of the day it’s just another Marvel movie. And not a particularly good one, at that.”

But then there are reviews that indicate Captain Marvel is a huge step in the right direction for Marvel Studios. The L.A. Times called it a remarkable tour-de-force. “It’s not only heroes who can have superpowers, movies can have them too, and you can add Captain Marvel to the small list of those that do.”

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Variety noted its love for the film as well, along with Larson’s performance. “Captain Marvel doesn’t do anything revolutionary; it’s been crafted as another clockwork piece in the Marvel puzzle (the 21st MCU film). It’s a prequel that casts its gaze way forward. Yet in its sturdy and standard-issue way, it invests Carol Danvers with a heroic majesty and heft that moves her, as a presence, right to the forefront of the series. The climactic sky battle is a spectacular vision, a Star Wars-style dogfight that takes place over sun-washed canyons, and Carol herself becomes a heroine suffused with light. She doesn’t gain any powers, but she learns, at last, how to harness them by listening to something new: the light within.”

Fans will be able to make their own decision when Captain Marvel opens in theaters on Friday, March 8.

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