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10 Directors Who Could Helm Venom 2

Venom was one of last year’s biggest surprises at the box office. Internationally, it amassed over $850 million. The film also illustrated the divide between critics and general audiences. Venom’s PG-13 rating, along with a lack of Spider-Man, didn’t seem to deter fans from seeing the movie. Sony has already announced a sequel for the film, which will hit theaters by 2020.

One of  Venom‘s original screenwriters – along with key cast members and producers – are set to return for Venom 2. However, director Ruben Fleischer will not be returning. He’s currently working on Zombieland: Double Tap, which means Sony needs to find a new director for the Venom sequel. But what qualities would Sony look for in a new helmer? Since the first film tapped heavily into comedy and action, the studio may want a director who can handle both aspects. Perhaps a horror director would be better suited for the next film, since Carnage is the primary antagonist. Even before Cletus Kasady received the Carnage symbiote, he was an extremely violent serial killer. To capture that element, it requires a helmer who can really make Carnage scary.

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Ultimately, Sony needs a filmmaker with a unique, but ultimately specific vision, for both the characters and the movie as a whole. Some of the best candidates may not even be interested in making a genre movie. Regardless, there are a few unconventional choices who could be a great fit for Venom 2.

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