Adam McKay Says He Was Approached About Guardians of the Galaxy 3

Josh Horowitz’s Happy Sad Confused podcast recently welcomed director Adam McKay on the show to talk about his upcoming film, Vice. At one point during their discussion, McKay’s rewrite work on Ant-Man came up, and from there, Horowitz theorized that his history with Marvel and his comedic sensibilities could put him on Disney’s shortlist to direct Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. McKay confirmed these suspicions, but insisted that he won’t be helming the film. He also revealed that he was once in consideration to direct another Marvel Studios production.

“We’ve talked a little bit, yeah,” said McKay. “I mean, we were kicking around the idea of the Inhumans at one point. We’re always kind of talking. I think [Kevin] Feige’s just the greatest and I think what they’re doing over there is amazing.”

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Marvel was initially developing Inhumans as a film several years ago. But of course, it eventually became a TV series on ABC, and the less said about that fiasco, the better. The studio previously courted McKay to direct Ant-Man after its original writer and director, Edgar Wright, departed in 2014. McKay’s friendship with Wright kept him from stepping in, but he still wanted to be involved somehow. “At the same time, I just said, ‘Oh my God, I grew up on Marvel, man. I want to do something over here,’” explained McKay. “So I was like, ‘Why don’t I do the rewrite with [Paul] Rudd?’ That way I can respect Wright (Edgar) and help out my buddy Paul with the rewrite. So it ended up being a perfect situation: Rudd and I holed up in a hotel room for, like, three months. We rewrote the movie and just had a blast. And I gotta say, I really enjoyed working with Feige, man. I mean, there’s a reason [the MCU] is clickin’. That guy is good taste.”

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McKay went on to describe his Ant-Man experience as a “career highlight” and said he would “definitely” be game to work for Marvel again. When asked which superheroes he’d like to adapt, he had a few ideas, and he also may have let slip some of Marvel’s future plans. “When I was in fourth or fifth grade, I got into Nova of all people, and I think they are kicking around a Nova idea,” said McKay. “Silver Surfers the one I wanna do. I would do anything to do SIlver Surfer, because visually, you could do what the Wachowskis did with Speed Racer with the Silver Surfer. At the same time, there’s a great emotional story in there, where the guy has to make the choice to save his planet…That would be the one.”

Marvel hasn’t offered any indication that they’re planning a Nova film. However, the events of this year’s Avengers: Infinity War could easily set up this movie. In the comics, a dying Rhomann Dey (played by John C. Reilly in the MCU) selects teenager Richard Rider to replace him as the Nova Corps’ last member. Since Thanos’ offscreen attack on Xandar likely wiped out the Corps in Infinity War, this could potentially pave the way for a Nova standalone feature. As for Silver Surfer, that character’s film rights still belong to 20th Century Fox. But once Disney absorbs the studio next year, McKay just might be able to get his wish.

Do you think Adam McKay would have been a good fit to direct Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3? Would you like to see him direct a Nova or Silver Surfer film? Give us your take in the comment section below!