Jack in the Box to Debut Deadpool Mini-Chimichangas

Deadpool‘s a bit too dangerous for a Happy Meal toy, but Jack in the Box’ll take him!

The merc’s favorite food for his mouth is chimichangas, and that fits perfectly with Jack in the Box’s philosophy of late-night, heavy-on-the-fried-stuff Munchie Meals. Snack-sized chimichangas mix well with Jack’s egg rolls, stuffed jalapenos, onion rings, Tiny Tacos, and everything else.

But none of those has as catchy a name as Deadpool’s Mini Chimi Bang Bangs — coming soon to promote the release of Deadpool & Wolverine.

Southwest Style

The filling is a chicken, corn, black bean and spice blend. Superhero Hype had a chance to taste some in advance, and can confirm that in the final product, it’s more of a consistent blend — not unlike their taco meat, but for chicken — than the separation of ingredients in the image.

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The seasoning flavor has strong notes of green chili, but it’s not overly spicy, nor is it as greasy as one might expect. Mini Chimi Bang Bangs can be ordered in packages of three for $3.50, or “Sauced and Loaded” as seen in the image above for $4.50. They’ll also be added to the $10 fan Favs box along with curly fries, onion rings, and churros. For extra spice, the honey garlic sriracha sauce is strongly recommended. It already comes in (presumably) Deadpool-approved red and yellow cups.

It’s Ballsy

Deadpool-themed cardboard packaging, while not necessarily collectible, adds some fun theming, and the promotion runs form July 15th through Sept 15th. Fans on the Jack app can order them early starting July 8th, but on the 15th, the first 100 customers at every store to order the Deadpool Fan Favs Box will score themselves a Deadpool x Jack in the Box antenna ball — basically Deadpool in Jack’s little hat. Car antennas aren’t what they used to be, so the balls also have loops attached to hang them from a Christmas tree, or whatever else one might hang spherical baubles from.

The Jack app will also be doing a copromotion with Fandango, earning a $5 movie credit from a $20 purchase. And during Comic-Con, one of the Jack in the Box locations (TBD) will offer limited-edition “Big AL Packs.” (Do they mean Blind Al? Maybe she gets renamed in the new movie.)

Now, if they can just figure out a way to do a Canadian bacon item for Wolverine…