McFarlane Toys Does What They Can With House of the Dragon

McFarlane Toys doesn’t have the rights to House of the Dragon 7-inch action figures — Diamond Select does. But that doesn’t mean they’re going to just sit there and not do anything. Todd plainly wants to be able to sculpt the characters, so he’s created a “Collector Box” series that allows the company to use actor likenesses without actually making action figures.

Busting Makes ‘Em Feel Good

Each Collector Box includes a weathered metallic painted bust of the character, a non-articulated two-inch minifigure, coin, trading card, bookmark, and family tree scroll, all in a box with the family emblem on the outside. There’ll even be one based on a Game of Thrones mainline character, namely Jon Snow.

The rest, however, feature House of the Dragon characters. Daemon Targaryen, Rhaenyra Targaryen, and Rhaenys Targaryen. Two of those are obvious choices; Rhaenys before other major characters like Alicent is a surprise.

These sets feel a lot like the subscription mystery boxes that were in super-vogue almost a decade ago now. Will audiences gravitate to them when they know exactly what’s inside? Did the mystery crate trend die out because people were disappointed in their surprise items? McFarlane Toys will take the chance and see if the format can revive in a non-mystery iteration, while determining how far outside the action figure norm they can go to take advantage of the parts of the license that are available to them.

The cost will be $29.99, with an estimated arrival date in August. Summer is coming, one might say. Of course, if Jon Snow turns out to be by far the most popular, he has many beloved costars. A Peter Dinklage bust could provide inspiration to knowing drinkers the world over.

If you want actual House of the Dragon action figures, Daemon and Viserys are expected around October. They will also retail around $29.99 apiece.