Super7 ThunderCats Wave 10 Leans Into Obscurities

Now at ten waves and counting, ThunderCats remains Super7‘s longest-running line of Ultimates figures, spun off of a single wave from Mattel. Having now made all the primary characters of the TV cartoon, they’re changing things up a bit with wave 10, which features characters who got limited screen time. It doesn’t hurt that they’re mostly repaints, which ThunderCats does from time to time to spread out the tooling costs.

The last survivors of the planet Thundera, the ThunderCats attempt to build a home on the new world of Third Earth. Unfortunately for them, it’s home to ancient spirits of evil that empower the dark sorcerer Mumm-Ra. Allied with mutant animal-human hybrids, he seeks possession of the magical Sword of Omens, embedded in the sword of ThunderCats leader Lion-O.

Variants Are Loose!

A casual viewer may not be familiar with Snarf’s nephew Snarfer, but he can also work as a more accessorized Snarf, since individual members of the species are fairly indistinguishable. Dream Master Mumm-Ra may have just appeared in that form in one episode, but a clear Mumm-Ra variant is inherently cool regardless. Young Lion-O comes with a cool Sword of Omens display, and even though he physically grew up fast, this figure allows for some throwback adventures. The bug-like escape artist Quick-Pick isn’t as significant, but he has a nifty design that’s quite unlike that of many of the other figures in the line.

Super7 once again offers a bonus incentive to preorder directly from them: a four-pack of additional heads to make the characters even more expressive. If that’s not of interest, sites like our partners at Entertainment Earth allow for savings on shipping. Each figure costs the usual $55 except Mumm-Ra, who’s $75 for being such a big chunk with a cloth cape. (The original Mumm-Ra, with his pet doggo, is marked down to $60 at Super7’s site.)

Take a look at the official images below.