Voices From Krypton

Voices From Krypton: Superman History Book Is Now Available

Voices From Krypton, the comprehensive book that chronicles the history of Superman, is now available for purchase.

What is Voices From Krypton about?

Written by Ed Gross, Voices From Krypton chronicles 85 years of Superman history through quotes from 250 individuals, including Superman actors Christopher Reeve, George Reeves, Brandon Routh, Henry Cavill, and Tom Welling. The book is currently available physically through online retailers and bookstores and in e-book format online.

“The potential for larger-than-life archetypes to teach us real world lessons is a supernaturally powerful use of the arts,” stated Superman Returns star Brandon Routh, “Superman’s societal evolution has made him an amazingly resonant conduit of the ‘teach a man to fish’ parable. Teaching us how to embrace, and accept, each other leads us down the path to harmony. To a present and future where we save ourselves. Ed has been a part of my journey as we’ve had many thoughtful and insightful interviews over the years. each one giving me an opportunity to dig deeper into my understanding of our beloved hero. You, reader, are in good hands.”

“Superman’s incredible 85-year history is defined with intricate detail and unique understanding by those who’ve known him best – the authors, artists, filmmakers, actors and experts tasked with propagating his legend through every medium – in the latest Edward Gross omnibus, Voices From Krypton, published by Nacelle Books,” reads the book‘s description.