Target-Exclusive Stealth Aquaman Includes Topo the Octopus

If you’re like us, you may have noticed a key character missing from McFarlane‘s new wave of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom action figures. Okay, two; we noted Orm’s absence earlier. Perhaps an even bigger omission, though, was Topo, the scene-stealing drummer octopus from the first film, who conspicuously returns in the trailer for the sequel. Well, Patrick Wilson fans still aren’t in luck, but cephalopod and percussion aficionados certainly are. Topo is coming in a Target-exclusive set with a variant Stealth Aquaman.

So What’s New Here?

Stealth Aquaman appears in the main line as well but in a basic black costume. This version features the stealth effect activating, by casting most of the figure in translucent plastic with sparing paint apps. Topo looks to be unarticulated, but the good news is that this won’t cost any more than a regular DC figure, as it’s priced at $19.99.

Target says the release date is Nov 5th, but action figures aren’t like movies and music, which hit their announced release dates exactly. It’s an inexact science, but buyers ought to have them in hand by the time the holiday season culminates. Or, in the case of Topo, in hand in hand in hand in hand…you get the idea.

Based on the new trailer alone, there looks to be an abundance of toyetic characters, and probably only a tiny fraction will actually become articulated plastic. We’ll take what we can get. But we’re just saying, a King Nereus head would be much-loved by customizers looking to create an older He-Man.