Vote for the Next Masters of the Universe Crowdfund

Masters of the Universe Origins, a line designed to replicate the original ’80s toys as closely as possible but with modern articulation, has recreated most of the classic figures at this point. When it comes to vehicles and playsets, however, they’re not even close.

Having successfully crowdfunded a redo of the gigantic Eternia playset, Mattel’s ready to get the next big thing in the line going, and this time letting the fans vote for it. With one key exception, the options feature designs never before seen as toys. So, what will the next Masters of the Universe crowdfund be?

Pick Your Power

Odds are that fan will choose the Fright Zone, the last of the classic playsets (She-Ra/Princess of Power line aside) that hasn’t been remade yet. The concept art shows a couple of upgrades from the original, notably a jail cell that now utilizes a trap door and rear escape, an additional carnivorous plant, and a rock trap that’s more clearly a monster. Considering Castle Grayskull and Snake Mountain both made it to regular retail, it’s a surprise to see their Horde counterpart offered here. Gigantisaurus, a dinosaur-themed playset that was prototyped but never released in the ’80s, is oddly absent from the options.

The rest, however, include the heavily fan-requested Filmation-style Attack Trak and Doom Tower, a.k.a. Filmation-style Fright Zone. The tower serves as a more fortress-like HQ for Hordak, and the larger Attack Trak allows for He-Man and friends to go on team missions, versus the primarily solo vehicles in the rest of the line. It also looks to contain a smaller Attack Trak inside, and any similarities to the Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine are surely, purely coincidental, right?

Other possibilities include a Snake Lair castle playset, which comes as a surprise since Viper Tower was the Snake Men base in the original line, and a Royal Palace has gotten far more requests but isn’t an option. Finally, there’s a giant Horde Crawler tank, which has the benefit of being an army builder that some fans might order multiples of.

Voting is free and requires no registration. Simply go to and select two designs. The poll closes Sunday, Sept 10th, at 11:59 p.m. pacific time.

For what it’s worth, if the classic Fright Zone doesn’t get picked, it probably has the best chance of surfacing eventually anyway.