Masters of the Universe Mega Buildable Eternia Comes in Parts

For Masters of the Universe collectors who couldn’t see their way to shelling out $500 for an Eternia playset scaled to 5-inch action figures, Mattel now has a smaller option. It looks like the three towers playset is coming to Mattel’s LEGO competitor, Mega.

However, it’s not coming complete. The Central Tower, re-dubbed the Power Tower, will sell first, by itself, for a surprisingly reasonable $65. Perhaps after Castle Grayskull and Snake Mountain initially went onsale for $300 and eventually dropped by $100, Mattel realized a modular approach could get more buy-ins.

There’s no guarantee in any form that Viper Tower and Grayskull Tower will follow; this set is simply named “Eternia” as is. (If you’re a fan of the Revelation cartoon, it’s “Preternia.”) And frankly, those braces at the top don’t look like they’ll hold the weight of a monorail track. So if that comes into play, a rebuild may be necessary.

Some Small Incentives

Though it’s just the one tower, Mega’s Eternia does feature some bonuses. It comes with an Attak Trak vehicle with rolling treads, separate control console, and two exclusive minifigs. In addition to the previously released Battle Armor He-Man and Webstor, Buzz-Off and Ninjor make their format debuts. As with the prior playset versions of the tower, it includes three levels, opening lion mouth, and grabbing lion claws. Since none of the images shows the reverse side, it’s unclear if an elevator will come attached.

The set will be a Mattel Creations exclusive, available as of May 8th. Can it do well enough to justify the rest of the build? That all depends on the fans.

Take a look through the official images below and decide what you think. Then let us know in comments.