Ack Ack! Super7 Makes the Ultimate Mars Attacks Martians

Nice figures. We’ll take them! Mars Attacks — both the trading cards and the Tim Burton film — has seen its share of action figures over the years, but there haven’t been detailed, 7-inch scaled figures since the movie came out in 1996.

Super7‘s new Ultimate Mars Attacks figures are ostensibly based on the Topps trading cards, but they have a little movie flair. On the original cards, the Martians never had open-mouthed grins, as these figures can do. Aside from that, however, the Martian trooper design was basically the same.

Ack-tion Figures!

Wave 1 features two different Martian soldiers — one “clean” and one battle damaged with broken dome, smashed brain, and even a removable eyeball that can roll out of its socket. (There’s some of that explicit gore that got the original 1962 Topps trading cards banned!) Clearly he was exposed to some excessive yodeling. Both figures include a blaster rifle and extra hands, while the battle-damaged soldier includes a bloody knife and bloody hand for it. The clean soldier comes with a ray-gun pistol and holster.

Unlike other recent Super7 Ultimates, these do not include any bonus items if ordered directly from Super7, so you can also save on shipping via the likes of our partners at Entertainment Earth or other favorite online retailers. The basic figure cost is $55 apiece.

It’s a near certainty that Super7 will make glow-in-the-dark variants, as they have with their smaller ReAction figures from the license. The smaller line also includes a human burning alive and a disemboweled dog, but the appetite for those might not be as strong in this scale.

Take a look at the promotional images below.