SHIELD vs. Hydra Female Troop Set to Be a Shared Exclusive

Hydra. SHIELD. In Marvel comics, it’s an eternal battle. And it does not discriminate. Both sides allow women in combat, and now you can bolster your armies with the Marvel Legends SHIELD Agent Trooper and Hydra Trooper Two-Pack. The battle of freedom versus fascism, somewhat forgotten in the movies since the Skrulls became a bigger issue recently, continues in green and blue uniforms.

Expand Your Ranks

But this set isn’t just a two-pack. It includes multiple options to help build bigger armies, including a masked head for each side, as well as three additional unmasked heads to create more soldiers. The Hydra trooper also comes with four extra interchangeable hands, while the SHIELD agent has two. Both can carry large, oblong, Rob Liefeld-esque blasters.

The troop-builder set is a shared exclusive between Hasbro Pulse and Beginning today, Aug 17, at 1 p.m. ET, Hasbro Pulse members will get an early shot. As of 2 p.m., everyone else gets their chance. As of this writing price is not confirmed, but $55-ish would put it in line with prior releases.

One wonders if the MCU will ever put its versions of these Agents into such color-coded outfits. Probably not, but in comics they work quite well to sort the good from the bad. Just make sure you’re reading the right comics — in G.I. Joe, for instance, the good guys wear green and the bad guys blue. Marvel flips it.

Take a look at more images of the set below, and decide whether or not these recruits are right for you: