Japanese Lunar Rover Design Gets Official Optimus Prime Transformer

Remember how Transformers initially hid on the moon in the live-action movies? Or how Sam Witwicky initially suspected Optimus Prime to be Japanese? Both these themes are embodied in the latest Transformer collaboration figure, which uses Toyota’s model for the JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) lunar rover.

Moon Faker

Per Toyota’s official site, the actual rover, “would make it possible to carry out crewed exploration activities on the surface of the moon, one of JAXA’s international space exploration missions … The Lunar Cruiser seeks to achieve a high level of mobility and allow astronauts to explore safely and comfortably. We will contribute to this endeavor by offering the reliability, durability, driving performance, and FC (fuel cell) technology that Toyota has cultivated through long years of vehicle development.”

The Takara Tomy version, imported by Hasbro, transforms into the leader of the Autobots. Optimus includes separate solar panel and antenna accessories, and the Matrix of Leadership molded into his chest. Preorders at Hasbro Pulse run $74.99 and will ship sometime around next June. The figure comes with full articulation and original Japanese-language instructions (don’t worry if you’re not bilingual, Transformers instructions are mostly pictures), and sports premium detail.

Windows in the chest, wheels on the legs, and hints of red and blue when fully opened up into robot form show a new skin that’s still recognizably our pal Optimus Prime. Talk about giant steps when walking on the moon — Optimus will take the largest strides of anything ever to tread that particular sand.

Check out more official pictures below.