Optimus Prime Gets a Converting Transformers LEGO Set

Like so many companies before it, Hasbro finally realized that while it’s easy enough to imitate the elements of LEGO, nobody does brick-built toys better. Back when the company tried its own Kre-O, they made Transformers sets. But like the knock-off creations in the movie Age of Extinction, they didn’t “transform” so much as disassemble brick by brick before allowing fans to rebuild them in alt-modes. Official Transformers LEGO will have none of that. The debut set, Optimus Prime, actually transforms once built, via 19 points of articulation.

Get a look at the mechanics of it in this brief teaser video. It’s mostly the G1 transformation, with the more modern rotation of the lower body added.

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Optimus will include his ion blaster, Energon axe, an Energon Cube and the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, which can be stored in the chest chamber. The model consists of 1,508 pieces, and will retail for $169.99 starting June 1st. Expert LEGO builders will undoubtedly find ways to customize the Autobot leader. Or maybe even build an Ultra Magnus with the same instructions and extra parts.

Get a good look at the figure from every angle in the gallery below. What do you think of LEGO Optimus Prime? Let us know in comments.

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