Super7 Glowing Metaluna Mutant and Color Nosferatu Variants Revealed

Super7 is bringing back their two-figure classic monsters wave, featuring Nosferatu’s Count Orlock and This Island Earth’s Metaluna Mutant. (The company recently learned the value of variant color schemes in main lines like ThunderCats.)

Orlock — who’s definitely not Dracula even if some subtitles in the modern era say that he is (wink) — now comes in an off-red robe. Meanwhile, the Metaluna Mutant glows in the dark.

Heady Horror

As is now the current trend with Super7 sets, order both figures as a pair directly from the company to receive a bonus head pack. This includes a bloody mouthed Orlock and a pink-mouthed Mutant.

Alternately — to combine shipping with other items — the individual figures can be had at other outlets, still for around $55 apiece. It should be noted that NECA will also be doing a similarly scaled Count Orlock for around $35, probably hitting stores around the same time. However, they’ve only announced a black and white version so far — and without a bloody head in sight.

Nosferatu adapted Bram Stoker’s Dracula as a feature film for the first time without legally securing the rights, so the characters have different names while the story stays familiar. The original is an expressionist classic, and was famously remade by Werner Herzog.

Meanwhile, This Island Earth is a relatively dull, trying-to-be-cerebral sci-fi flick made memorable primarily by the Metaluna Mutant’s cool design. It’s also iconic for the fact that the movie itself was used as the basis for Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie. Both monsters prove familiar to even fans who’ve never seen their films.

Check out more renders of the figures below.