Fire and Ice Darkwolf Action Figure Coming From Frazetta Estate

So similar was 1983’s Fire and Ice to contemporaneous toyetic fantasy cartoons like Thundarr the Barbarian and He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, it’s a wonder it never really spawned toys of its own. Granted, for a cartoon at the time it was a pretty hard PG, full of scantily clad women and violent deaths, which might have scared bigger toy companies away. But with new generations now discovering the art of Frank Frazetta and the raunchier, rotoscoped animation films of Ralph Bakshi, Fire and Ice’s time feels due. And indeed, fans will soon be able to secure their own Darkwolf action figure, boasting far more detail than the movie could at the time.

A Killer Wolf

The figure’s being made in-house by Frazetta Girls, the online store and studio founded by Frazetta’s daughter and granddaughter. Darkwolf will stand approximately six inches tall, and cost $70, which isn’t a shocking price tag for a highly detailed independent action figure.

Darkwolf will include multiple accessories, among them three interchangeable lower-face expressions, three pairs of hands, axe, necklace, and a bow with three arrows. His articulation points aren’t specified, but look similar to other action figures in that scale. Delivery is expected in November.

This is the first figure in a line dubbed Frazetta: ICON Collectibles, which sounds like a comprehensive line that could include far more than just Fire and Ice. One would have to assume Death Dealer’s a possibility in the future. Robert Rodriguez announced a Fire and Ice remake some years back, but like many things he announces, it seems to be lingering in development limbo for now.

Maybe Darkwolf can start building the hype again. Check out the official images below: