Fire and Ice Teegra Figure Really Pushes the PG Rating

It’s hard to believe now that Ralph Bakshi‘s fantasy films Wizards and Fire and Ice were PG-rated in their day, as both feature extremely scantily clad female characters who, well, let’s say look like they might be quite cold from the lack of clothing. Apparently, the MPAA could look the other way if it was a cartoon and had the merest pretense of covering up — sort of like the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Family friendly-ish big box stores, therefore, might think twice about action figures that faithfully create the look of those films, but these days, made-to-order figures online are everywhere, if a bit more expensive for limited runs with unique sculpts.

Ice Queen

Frank Frazetta‘s family already made one action figure based on Fire and Ice, the movie on which the late fantasy art icon worked with Bakshi. Now it’s time for the second, Teegra, reminiscent of the “bad girls” independent action figure boom of the late ’90s. Many of those featured subpar sculpts and counted on male collectors simply wanting any sexy female figure they could get. Teegra costs a lot more but features sculpting that makes her even more detailed than the rotoscoped character seen onscreen.

The 6-inch figure costs $70, but includes a lot of accessories for one who so often seemed to wear and bear very little, including her panther Shaitan, with two interchangeable heads. Teegra herself includes two different heads and three different faces, and fans can dress her up a tiny bit more with the additional translucent shawl and loin skirt. Weapons include a tree-branch dagger, knife, and spear. Shaitan sports jaw and tail articulation.

Preorders are up now, with a limit of five per person and expected delivery in July. If you just want to look at the pictures, however, without actually buying, check out the official images below.