Mezco Goes All-Out for Their Frank Frazetta Death Dealer Action Figure

Frank Frazetta‘s 1973 Death Dealer painting has fired up many imaginations, in part because of its simplicity. A dark rider with an ax and unseen face could have any kind of backstory one cares to imagine. And over the years he has spawned novels, comics, statues, and a Molly Hatchet album cover. Until now, however, he never got a fully poseable 1/12 scale action figure. And for his first, Mezco went all-out with multiple bonus features, like light-up eyes and a removable cloak.

Other accessories include two different heads, both with light-up eyes, blood splash and splatter effects, and severed enemy heads. Fully authorized by the Frank Frazetta museum, the figure comes packed with a unique hand silk-screened art print and pin set. The $150 figure is already wait-listed, but those with the patience for Mezco’s list usually get their reward.

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From the official description: “The One:12 Collective Death Dealer includes a range of battle-ready weapon accessories, glowing eyes, and posing FX to invoke the dark atmosphere of the original paintings and illustrations. Outfitted in combat garb including his horned helmet, fortified and changeable armor, and a removable cloak, the Death Dealer is ready for the grim tasks at hand!

An ancient tribe spoke of a figure draped in darkness with eyes as bright as fire, so powerful that he had an army of the living dead at his command. They called him the Death Dealer. With one swing of his axe, Death Dealer would execute any who visited his domain.”

That’s a guy you want on your side, but will he join your collection? Let us know in comments after you check out the gallery below.

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