LEGO Borders on Body Horror With Venomized Baby Groot

As a LEGO rep told Superhero Hype at SDCC 2023, Marvel and Star Wars are the toy makers edgier brands and can push the envelope in a way other sets can’t. Thus, we get Venomized Baby Groot, previously only made into an action figure by Hot Toys. An adorable kid half-possessed by a murderous symbiote attempting to take control of his body, or, depending how you build it, in full control.

I Am Groot, We Are Venom

Venomized Baby Groot can be built two ways — fully or partly Venomized. And hey, the most benevolent read of it is that they’re best pals like the movie-version Venom and Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock. One thing for sure is he’s got a whole lot of new mouths to feed — the Klyntar creature appears to be aware of Little Shop of Horrors and taking advantage of the fact that its current host is a plant.

Displayed first at Comic-Con, the set will become widely available on August 1 for $49.99. Per its official description, “The model’s arms, legs, hips and head are movable, letting kids take their Venomized Groot on endless imaginative adventures. For added digital fun, builders can zoom in, rotate models in 3D and track their progress using the fun, intuitive LEGO Builder app.”

Venomized Groot stands almost a foot tall, and compared to the similarly sized Hot Toys figure which costs a lot more — like $200 more — it seems like a deal. Check out a few more official images below: