Marvel’s Halloween Pumpkin Contest Carves up Loki, Warlock, Phoenix and More

A pumpkin carving competition at the Marvel office brought some classic comic book character energy to Halloween — with appearances from Loki, Jean Grey, and even Doop.

A short video shared today, October 31, on the Marvel Entertainment YouTube channel showcases a collection of Marvel-themed jack-o’-lanterns created by staff members. Some of the festive gourds were carved or painted the traditional way, like a simplified but still recognizable Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy and a painstakingly accurate Spider-Man mask. Other entries used paint and extra pieces to take it to the next level, such as a Marvel Superheroes arcade game pumpkin.

Loki, Doop, Warlock, and Phoenix, all in one pumpkin patch

One contestant created a Loki pumpkin without even adding any facial features to it, as the painted horns (perhaps made out of bananas?) jutting out were enough to identify the star of the Disney+ series streaming now. There’s also some representation for lesser-known characters, like Doop, who is shown busting out of the top of a pumpkin, and Warlock, a techno-organic alien from The New Mutants. Warlock’s pumpkin is painted black, so the light flickering inside evokes his electric energy.

The final jack-o’-lantern in the video is a striking interpretation of Jean Grey, a founding member of the X-Men who wielded the cosmic power of Phoenix. Her pumpkin is painted and carved with the Phoenix symbol, revealing an action figure posed in the interior so that Jean herself appears to be the “fire and life incarnate” within.

While the video makes no mention of whether there was a winner of the competition or if any prizes were handed out, it’s clear that the event was held in the spirit of Halloween fun. The creativity behind the scenes at Marvel apparently ensures that the company can throw a great party.