Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon Is Returning for New Comics and Graphic Novels in 2024

Flash Gordon — noted “savior of the universe” — returns for a handful of brand-new comics and graphic novels in 2024.

King Features Syndicate and Mad Cave Studios announced the two companies will collaborate on new comic storylines, reprints, and graphic novels starring Flash Gordon, a character originally created by Alex Raymond in 1934. According to Comics Beat, the new Flash Gordon storylines will officially launch in 2024.

Mad Cave Studios also announced plans to introduce younger readers to Flash Gordon through the company’s middle-grade imprint, Papercutz. More details will follow at a later date.

“As one of the first action heroes Flash Gordon has always been powerhouse in the comics universe,” King Features Licensing Director Christina Nix Lynch said. “We’re delighted to have a partner like Mad Cave Studios on board who are true Flash fans as well as publishing experts. This program will bring a long-awaited, regular stream of new and legacy content to generations of readers.”

Mad Cave Senior Vice President Mark Irwin added, “From the incredible art of Alex Raymond to the adventures of the Defenders of the Earth, and on to the cult classic Sam Jones-led film, Flash Gordon is an integral part of both the history of comics and the actual DNA of storytelling. Mad Cave and King Features are not only happy to be working together to bring Flash to our readers but also to grow the Flash Gordon legacy.”

The Saviour of the Universe: Who Is Flash Gordon?

Raymond created Flash Gordon as a comic strip in Jan. 1934. Originally meant to compete with the Buck Rogers comic strip, Flash Gordon ran until 1992, though the character has also starred in many other comics, radio serials, television series, novels, and more.

The majority of Flash Gordon stories see the titular character and his two allies, Dale Arden and Dr. Hans Zarkov, exploring the planet Mongo. Early Flash Gordon entries see the titular hero preventing Earth and Mongo’s collision, which then sees him have to confront Mongo’s villainous ruler, Ming the Merciless.

Flash Gordon is perhaps best remembered for the 1980 film, which was originally going to be directed by George Lucas. Lucas, however, was unable to secure the rights to the character, thus leading him to make Star Wars instead. Flash Gordon was ultimately directed by Mike Hodges and stars Sam J. Jones, Melody Anderson, Topol, and Max von Sydow. Queen composed and performed the entire soundtrack to the film.